Pottery Open Studio 

Sunday 2-5 pm

Beginners: 2:00 there will be TCC led instruction.

$40 for new projects (sets of 4)

TCC staff will be there to help and assist with advice and new techniques.

All levels are welcome to attend.

Anyone who has a project in progress is welcome to come work.

Pottery Wheel 

Monday & Wednesday throwing class

Time: 5-6:30 pm or 6:45 – 8:15

This class is for all levels of potters:

  • For those with limited experience you will learn the basics of wheel-throwing: learning to center the clay, throw cylinders, bowls, and plates.
  • Those with more experience can learn how to improve techniques or throw more challenge shapes and vessels.
  • While we recommend taking several classes consecutively to build your skills, we understand the need to provide flexibility as you fit classes into your schedule.

Max: 4 people per session
Recommended (ages 10+) all ages welcome to try with adult supervision
$45 per person includes:
1 hour TCC instruction; 1 hour open wheel; 1/2 hour clean-up
3 lbs. of clay,  all tools and firing

This class will include glazing and a second firing.

Not finished with your project – come during open studio times to finish
$3/lb for extra clay
Items can be picked up 12-15 days after glazing.


Private Wheel Lessons (Parent/child, Husband/wife)
$25 per person
Time: 1 hour; followed by a half hour of practice or finishing your piece together
Includes: TCC staff to assist teach or advise

Wheel rentals
Experienced with a wheel?
Rent time that is convenient for your schedule

If a wheel is open, walk-ins are welcome.

$20 includes 2lbs. of clay
Extra clay – $3 per lb.


HAND BUILDING (recommened for ages 8+ )

Tuesday & Thursday Hand Building

5-7:30 pm

2.5 hours (1/2 hour of education about clay and 1.5hours hands on and 1/2 hour clean-up)
Class led by TCC staff

Cost $40

Includes 3 lbs. of clay

20 person limit

  • students will combine the use of pinching, slabs, and coils to create a sculptural piece.
  • Students will be able to explore different areas of their lives and the world around them to draw inspiration from.

This class will include glazing and a second firing.
Ready to glaze: Sign up on any glaze intro class (half hour of instruction)

Open studio: Need more time to complete your project? All students requiring more time are welcome to come anytime the studio is open to work independently on their piece. Most projects require approx. 15-20 hours to complete.
Extra clay can be purchased for $2.00 per lb.

Need more instruction? Consider private classes  (Class 2 + $35 per person)

Glaze Workshops

Last 2 Saturdays of the month 11-1

This workshop includes instruction on how to use different types of glazes, and time to glaze your own work.